Discover the carefully curated blend of botanicals that define the essence of Pharaoh Gin

Each botanical is chosen for its unique contribution, ensuring a harmonious fusion that embodies the spirit of sophistication and refinement.

Orange: Infusing a burst of citrus, the essence of oranges elevates Pharaoh gin, creating a vibrant and refreshing character.

Juniper Berries: Rooted in tradition, juniper berries bring a classic touch to Pharaoh gin, embodying the timeless craft of gin-making.

Quince and Pear: A unique fusion of quince and pear adds a delightful twist, enhancing Pharaoh gin with fruity sweetness and floral undertones.

Lemon and Lime: The zesty notes of lemon and lime contribute to Pharaoh gin’s refreshing profile, capturing the essence of bright, sunlit flavors.

Blueberry: Packed with antioxidants, blueberries impart a subtle sweetness, enriching Pharaoh gin with a refined depth.

Angelica Root: Providing an earthy foundation, angelica root brings a subtle complexity into Pharaoh gin’s botanical ensemble.

Cinnamon and Vanilla: Warm and comforting, cinnamon and vanilla add a cozy layer to Pharaoh gin, creating a sensory experience.

Grapefruit: Infused with grapefruit, Pharaoh Gin gains a sophisticated burst of citrus, offering a refreshing and invigorating note that complements the spirit’s overall appeal.

Plum: The subtle sweetness of plum contributes to an exquisite interplay of tart and sweet in Pharaoh Gin, providing a refined and distinctive taste.

Anise: Anise contributes a distinctive note to Pharaoh gin’s flavor profile.

Honey: Honey imparts a touch of sweetness, honoring the natural richness found in Pharaoh gin.

Raspberry: Red raspberries add a nostalgic summer touch, enriching Pharaoh gin with a berry-infused essence.

Mint: Mint leaves provide a cooling finish, contributing to Pharaoh gin’s invigorating and crisp character.

Secret Blend: The secret blend of botanicals in Pharaoh Gin remains closely guarded, ensuring a truly unique and delightful drinking experience that benefits the palate and spirit alike.

Indulge in Pharaoh Gin—an exquisite blend of botanicals designed to elevate your enjoyment and offer a taste that transcends the ordinary.

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