Pharaoh Treasure Gin - Unleash Your Extraordinary

Welcome to the world of Pharaoh Gin, where every sip is an invitation to unleash your extraordinary self. This is a journey of taste, courage, and a commitment to excellence.

Crafted with Dedication and a Vision for Greatness

Crafted with care, inspired by fearless pharaohs, Pharaoh Gin isn’t just a drink; it’s an encouragement to discover the extraordinary within you. We’re here to inspire you.

A journey of courage and adventure, a fusion of cultures and dreams

Pharaoh Gin represents a fusion of cultures and dreams, reflecting the heritage and aspirations of a Serbian-Egyptian couple. Their journey created a brand that authentically embodies old traditions in a new light.


Pharaoh gin is handcrafted in Eastern Serbia, using the finest juniper berries from the Central Balkan Mountains. Quality is our top priority, and the fusion of Serbian and Egyptian traditions makes it truly exceptional. At Pharaoh Gin, we don’t just make gin; we craft experiences.


Pharaoh Gin offers three unique recipes, each with its own captivating story and distinct character. Will you embrace the royal experience of King Tut, the elegance and commitment of Cleopatra, or the strength and determination of Ramses II? Your journey to extraordinary begins here.